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If you have engine or generator questions about:

any Measured or Controlled Parameters

you have come to the right place!

Mike B can answer your queries about power generation, loads, and support instrumentation from simple on/off controls to proportional controls and 4-20 mA control loops.

MikeB also discusses variable speed drives with advantages, disadvantages, and limitations in the world of automation

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Question of the Week:

When reversing the rotation from a variable speed drive, where do you switch the A, B, or C leads to reverse rotation when dealing with a three-phase device? Click here for the answer.

Teddy RedDog Tales

Teddy RedDog is a red dog, of course, from Big Sky Country, with a curious parentage and an even more curious personality. Teddy has nothing to do with power generation, but he is my most entertaining pet. Thought you might want to share his exploits.

Teddy loves to chase tennis balls, deer, squirrels, dangerous pieces of paper blowing around in the yard and an occasional moose.He also loves sunflower seeds and MM's, and has been known to hoard his ill-gotten treats in his bed for night-time snacks. (Yes, I know dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate but Teddy is a bit of a furry robber.)

Stay tuned to this page for exciting and bizarre Teddy RedDog tales.

Teddy RedDog and MikeB in Big Sky Country

MikeB and Teddy, at play

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